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iPhone, iPad & iPod touch
Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Latest release

Version 2.8.4
Updated 23rd May 2019

Original Release Date

20th November 2012

Number of players

1 player


Le français
Simplified Chinese





Pony Trails iOS Icon
Pony Trails

Pony Trails

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


Enjoy pony trekking photography adventures in the great outdoors!

From a stable of 14 ponies, choose who will join you on your adventures and once you've named your new friend, explore nature, observe and photograph wildlife together.

Trot, canter and gallop; explore mountain paths, desert tracks and beach trails. Discover multiple paths and find animals that only come out at night. Can you discover the cute but super rare Bobcat?

Discover the art of taking perfect pictures of the wildlife you encounter then use these new skills to earn and collect pro badges.

Share your best photos with your friends and help them curate their albums.


  • Amazing Graphics
  • Care for your pony
     Wash and brush your pony and make sure there are no stones or dirt in its hooves
     A dirty pony moves slower and cannot gallop for as long as a clean one!
     Earn coins when you complete caring for your pony
  • Snap pictures of wildlife
     There are over 30 different animals to photograph
     Some animals can only be found at night
     Earn up to 3 stars per photograph, depending on how good a picture you took
     Unlock trails as you accumulate stars
  • Trek through mountain, beach and desert trails
     Each trail has several paths to explore
     Collect coins along the trail
     If you are lucky, you may find an accessory!
  • Complete up to 5 quests a day to earn extra coins
  • Buy new ponies and accessories with coins
     There are 12 different pony breeds to collect plus the Zebra and a range of Unicorns!
      Buy bridles, saddles and blankets with coins. Collect sets to improve your pony's abilities!
     The Royal set can only be aquired using photo stars!
  • Buy coin packs from the iTunes App Store
  • Buy the Rainbow Coin! pack from the iTunes App Store
     Awards you 2 coins everytime you earn one coin in-game!
  • UNIVERSAL: Works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

What's New in Version 2.8.4

Version 2.8.4 became available on the AppStore on the 23rd May 2019 and features:

  • Fixed a problem in the store
  • Some minor bug fixes

Previous updates

If you are curious, here's what we added in the past.


Screen Shots

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