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iPhone, iPad & iPod touch
Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Latest release

Version 2.3
Updated 21st April 2016

Original Release Date

20th November 2012

Number of players

1 player





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Pony Trails

Pony Trails

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

What was new in version 2.2

Version 2.2 was made available on the AppStore on 7 November 2015 and features:

  • Full iOS 9 and 64-bit support
  • Full simplified Chinese localisation
  • Mongolian style blanket, saddle and bridle as the basic set if playing in Chinese
  • Fixed the most common crash to do with leaving the game and switching to the web
  • Photo sharing via sharing extensions rather than just Facebook
  • Overhauled how the game initialises and starts so it's cleaner
  • Fixed some minor graphical glitches

What was new in version 2.01

Version 2.01 was made available on the AppStore on 8 November 2014 and features:

  • Raised the minimum iOS required to 6.1.6
  • Full iOS8 support
  • Added in advertising to earn coins
  • Added in the lucky animals to the photo activity
  • New red icon
  • New 'age gate' to the store to help prevent younger users getting to the store
  • Completely new My Stable & Gear screen and My Dream Pony screen makes it easy to change equipment and Ponies between rides or browse all the options and quickly buy whatever you want
  • 6 new Pony breeds: Camargue, British Spotted, Mongolian, Hokkaido, Zebra and Unicorn
  • 4 new markings for all the ponies, except the Zebra
  • Frame rate and memory usage improvements
  • New Mega Coin pack and Ad disabler added to the store

What was new in version 1.16

Version 1.16 was made available on the AppStore on 24 January 2013 and features:

  • Full iPhone 5 support with Retina display
  • Name your own ponies
  • Facebook integration - share your photos online and show your progress
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