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Stellaris: Console Edition

20 August 2018

Paradox just announced that Stellaris will be released on Xbox One and Playstation®4 which we have been working on since August 2017.


Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit

9 August 2018

Paradox just announced that our fifth DLC, Mass Transit will be available today at midnight; your local time.


Jupiter & Mars

12 July 2018

Eurogamer feature a great article on Jupiter & Mars.


Cities: Skylines - Natural Disasters

3 May 2018

Paradox just announced that our fourth DLC, Natural Disasters will be available on the 15th of May.


Cities: Skylines - Japanese

11 April 2018

Paradox announced a Japanese PlayStation®4 version and Japanese language support on Xbox One and Windows 10 will be available very soon!


Sonic Mania Plus

16 March 2018

Sega announce that Sonic Mania Plus will be arriving this summer!


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