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Sonic Mania for Switch

2 October 2017

A post release patch for Sonic Mania is approved for release for the Nintnedo Switch.


Sonic Mania for Switch

15 August 2017

Sega have announced the release of Sonic Mania on the Nintnedo Switch.


Cities: Skylines PlayStation®4 Edition

22 June 2017

Paradox just announced the forthcoming release of Cities: Skylines for PlayStation®4, available on the 15th of August.


Pony Trails iOS

8 June 2017

Now published by Tantalus: see all the latest information on the Pony Trails iOS page.


Cities: Skylines Xbox One patch

31 May 2017

Our first patch for Cities: Skylines Xbox One is available for download today featuring 36 fixes both great and small.


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