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Cities: Skylines PlayStation®4 Edition

22 June 2017

Paradox just announced the forthcoming release of Cities: Skylines for PlayStation®4, available on the 15th of August.


Pony Trails iOS

8 June 2017

Now published by Tantalus: see all the latest information on the Pony Trails iOS page.


Cities: Skylines Xbox One patch

31 May 2017

Our first patch for Cities: Skylines Xbox One is available for download today featuring 36 fixes both great and small.


Cities: Skylines Windows 10

21 May 2017

Out now! Cities: Skylines for Windows 10, released on 21st of May.


RiME for Switch

April in 2017

Tantalus is currently developing the Nintendo Switch version of Tequila Works' beautiful and atmospheric adventure-puzzle game RiME, due for release in 2017.


Sonic Mania for Switch

April 2017

Coming in 2017, the latest incarnation of Sega's ever-popular blue hedgehog, in the delightfully retro Sonic Mania! Tantalus will be bringing Sonic Mania to the Nintendo Switch for the very first time.


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