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1. How do I get into the games industry?

The games industry is certainly a tough field to break into. The answer to this question is not simple, and certainly not within the scope of this simple FAQ. The very first thing you must ask yourself is which development discipline you wish to pursue: Programming, art, game design, audio, production or QA. However you should be aware that the bulk of positions available in game development are in programming and art. You should also check out the range of courses available in your city. There are a great deal of University, TAFE and other programs that cater specifically for the games industry.

2. Should I do a games course or a traditional university degree?

That depends, thereís value in both. For example traditional maths and physics university education provides very useful knowledge for games programmers. Likewise a traditional art degree is certainly useful. However these traditional university courses generally donít cover games specific skills (fluent C++ programming skills or art software skills) but with some self study and a suitable demo/portfolio a candidate would be well placed to enter the games industry.

While game specific courses are better focused on the specific skills required in game development, this doesnít alter the fact that students still need to create a suitable demo/portfolio. Simply graduating is not enough.

3. Can I do work experience with Tantalus?

Unfortunately, no, Tantalus does not accommodate work experience students.

4. Do you have an internship program?

No. However we do take on skilled trainees from time to time, at which times we advertise the positions on this website. Due to the large amount of email we receive daily, we cannot reply to applications received outside of the times we are actively soliciting candidates.

5. Can I still send my resume in even if you don't have any open positions?

No. Unfortunately, due to the large amount of email we receive daily, we cannot reply to unsolicited applications until we have an open position.

6. I really love games, and I know I would be great for your company, can't you just give me a break? I'll work for free.

We admire your dedication, but, unfortunately, no. The simplest solution is to work hard and come back to us at a later date with a suitable demo/portfolio.

7. Can I come in and chat with you guys, ask for advice?

Unfortunately no. However, if you forward succinct, relevant questions to we will do our best to answer them - although it may take some time to respond.

8. Do you hire testers?

Yes, very occasionally we take on skilled testers under contract; at which point we advertise the positions on this website.


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