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Trick Star Box Art
Trick Star

Trick Star


Trick Star is an original GBA title, and is the most technologically sophisticated GBA title ever released by Tantalus. Itís also our most innovatively designed.

  • 3D bike and rider, animating in real-time. 30 frames per second performance.
  • Fully configurable stunt system allows over 40 uniquely animated stunts to be linked together.
  • The best ever GBA AI. Competitors perform stunts, wipe out, steal pick-ups, and try to hunt down opponents.
  • Hills and jumps cause bike and rider to get airborne, while trackside objects can be smashed, knocked over or pushed aside.
  • Sophisticated bike and rider physics model.
  • Real time deformation of bike & game objects.
  • League Mode featuring 64 different courses.
  • Visual effects on bikes and objects, including specular lighting and environment mapping.

Download Screen Shots pack here.

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