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Top Gear: Rally Box Art
Top Gear: Rally

Top Gear: Rally


The multi-award-winning racer, published by Nintendo, that put Tantalus on the map as one of the world’s leading handheld developers.

  • Lifelike environments. A level of realistic detail never before seen on a handheld console.
  • Super fast 30 frames per second graphics.
  • 200 polygon cars. Real geometry improves immeasurably the gaming experience.
  • The car animates in real-time, digging into corners and rolling around bends.
  • Specular lighting and environment mapping in ‘real time’ on the car.
  • Hills and jumps. The car races over hills, leaving the ground before thudding back to earth with lifelike impact.
  • Flips and spins. Lose control and the car will flip and roll.
  • Particle effects including dust, smoke and burning rubber.
  • Realistic weather effects, including rain, snow and fog.
  • Car geometry means parts of the vehicle can detach.

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