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The Polar Express Box Art
The Polar Express

The Polar Express


A blend of gameplay styles takes the player through the events of the Christmas-themed story. Side-scrolling, 2D exploration/puzzle sections, set on and around the train as it heads to the North Pole, and then at the North Pole itself, are interspersed with a variety of exciting 3D chase-style levels, based around the rollercoaster-like sequences that punctuate the action of the film.

  • Utilising the world renowned Tantalus CRIS game engine, the visually stunning 3D gameplay sections focus on timing and quick reactions. Players drive The Polar Express itself, navigate the intricate maze of glass tubes winding through North Pole City and slide down the giant present chute.
  • 2D, side-scrolling sections of gameplay feature traditional platforming elements, combined with exploration, item collection, and puzzle solving.
  • Narrative portions of the film are displayed in cut scenes, enriching the player’s experience of the game.
  • Player able to make use of toys, such as a pogo stick or a paddle and ball to overcome obstacles in the game.
  • Explore interactive environments, featuring doors, switches, conveyor belts, moving platforms and machinery.
  • As the game’s finale, the player controls the Zeppelin, guiding Santa’s giant sack of Christmas presents safely over the rooftops and steeples of North Pole City.

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