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A first-party title with Nokia, Payload was one of the largest and most ambitious games ever ­released on the N-Gage. With realistic 3D graphics, the game offers a unique mix of strategy, combat and traditional racing. Fully customizable from the get-go, players can configure race objectives, skims, weapons and starting line placement before blowing buddies away in multiplayer battles. Aspiring champions will also enjoy N-Gage Arena support, with extensive connectivity one of the game’s most compelling draws.

  • The first combat racer that allows gamers to customize race environments and conditions.
  • Offers aggressive, no-holds-barred combat racing as players shoot other skim racers on a non-linear playing field that includes forbidding snowy landscape to bleak desert terrain.
  • Set in a desolate, dystopian future with comic book inspired cinematics that details your character’s meteoric rise as a skim pilot.
  • 3D, action gameplay on the N-Gage.
  • Strong story mode, with comic book inspired cut scenes.
  • Huge array of vehicles, weapons and environments.

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