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Monster Truck Madness Box Art
Monster Truck Madness

Monster Truck Madness


The monster PC hit crashes onto the Game Boy Advance. Race to the finish line in some of the meanest machines around, smashing through anything that gets in your way. Speed and destruction come together on a range of wild and varied terrain. More than just the most sophisticated and realistic racing title on GBA, the art of destruction becomes an integral part of the gameplay, making for a uniquely thrilling and visceral experience.

  • Full 3D engine, running at a silky-smooth 30 frames per second, with long draw distances.
  • 10 standard, and several bonus polygonal vehicles, all with realistic geometry
  • Advanced vehicle physics and handling model with real-time vehicle animation, for radically improved sense of realism.
  • Vehicle geometry will deform in real time to show the effects of damage.
  • Impressive specular highlights & environment mapping visual effects on the vehicles.
  • 30 realistic tracks, at 10 distinct locations with an emphasis on fun, rough-and-tumble gameplay.
  • Different track surfaces affect physics and vehicle handling.
  • Hills and jumps in the tracks cause the vehicles to leave the ground and return to it with life like physics and real-time animation.
  • High degree of interactivity between player, track and objects.
  • A huge range of objects on and around the tracks, most of which may be smashed, knocked over, pushed aside or otherwise interacted with by the player.
  • Object destruction as an integral part of gameplay.

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