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PS3, iOS & Android

Release Date

Coming Soon

Number of players

1 player




E / 3+ / G



PS3, iOS & Android

Welcome to the Farm

Design, create and customize your own farm! Fill it with adorable animals and crazy contraptions, as you discover the delights of Barnanza.

Keep busy in all four seasons as you grow your farm; carrying eggs, shearing sheep, milking cows, shaking fruit from trees, building fences and roads and planting crops while planning for your new arrivals. Keep foxes away with your own trusty dog or even protect your cows from alien abductions with your own air force.

Choose a laid-back, organic style of farming, or the high-paced, high-tech wizardry of a fully automated farm. You’ll always find the right style for you.

  • Free to play on mobile
  • All new petting mechanics on PS3
  • Personalize your game by naming each of your animals and giving them a distinctive look
  • Visit the petting patch for rewarding close-up cuddles
  • No two farms are ever the same!



Barnanza will be available for download from the PlayStation Store, iTunes or Google Play

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